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Chocozy Drink Sachet 5pcs

Varian rasa:

1. Cappucino
2. Creamy Coffee
3. Vanilla Latte
4. Red Velvet
5. Taro
6. Hazelnut
7. Cheese
8. Avocado

Rp 24.000

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Chocozy Drink Sachet 5pcs dengan banyak varian rasa!


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Chocozy Dried Fruit

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(Product Pre-Order 2 Days) Varian rasa:1. Hazelnut Choco 2. Chocolate 3.

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Available at a future date.

Chocozy Cokelat Tempe

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Chocozy - Delicious Chocolate Isi 12pcs @8 gram

Chocozy Drink

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