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Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette – Copper Charge

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Darlings, LIGHT UP YOUR EYES and make them MAGIC with my NEW! Eye Colour Magic Luxury Palette in Copper Charge! The mesmerising gold, rose-copper and russet-brown hues in this eye-enhancing palette play with the light to make blue eyes POP and brown eyes GLOW!

“To curate my NEW! EYE COLOUR MAGIC range, I have decoded the secrets of the colour wheel with my EYE WARDROBE of colour co-ordinated eyeshadows and eyeliners to ENHANCE and add SHAPE, SHADE and DEFINITION for eyes to HYPNOTISE the world!”— Charlotte Tilbury

Serene, gentle and soothing, blue has associations with the calming light of the sky and sea. The BLUE-EYED BOMBSHELL has eyes lit with serenity, logic and loyalty. Opposite on the colour wheel, COPPER CHARGE makes blue eyes look bluer. EASY TO MORPH, EASY TO MAGNIFY, EASY TO MAKE YOUR EYE COLOUR MAGIC!


  • Selected for their extraordinary sparkle effects, intense colour payoff and silky-smooth finish, the textures in these EYE COLOUR MAGIC palettes add emphasis to the eye, playing on colour theory to create sparkle and contrast!
  • Light-play textures to ENHANCE and BRIGHTEN the look of eyes
  • Colour-coded contrast to RECHARGE your eye colour magic!


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